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Manchu Mongol Relations On The Eve Of The Qing Conquest

Manchu Mongol Relations on the Eve of the Qing Conquest PDF

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Author: Nicola Di Cosmo
Publisher: Brill's Inner Asian Library
Size: 35.10 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Architecture
Languages : en
Pages : 246
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The original Manchu and Mongol documents selected for this publication provide fascinating new information about the relations between Manchus and Mongols before the Manchu conquest of China. They include diplomatic correspondence, military liaisons, legal cases, and records of tribute missions.

The Chinese State At The Borders

The Chinese State at the Borders PDF

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Author: Diana Lary
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 0774840870
Size: 37.57 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 352
View: 6385

The People's Republic of China claims to have 22,000 kilometres of land borders and 18,000 kilometres of coast line. How did this vast country come into being? The state credo describes an ancient process of cultural expansion: border peoples gratefully accept high culture in China and become inalienable parts of the country. And yet, the "centre" had to fight against manifestations of discontent in the border regions, not only to maintain control over the regions themselves, but also to prevent a loss of power at the edges from triggering a general process of regional devolution in the Han Chinese provinces. The essays in this volume look at these issues over a long span of time, questioning whether the process of expansion was a benevolent civilizing mission.

Geschichte Chinas 1279 1949

Geschichte Chinas 1279 1949 PDF

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Author: Sabine Dabringhaus
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3486781138
Size: 42.16 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : History
Languages : de
Pages : 337
View: 697

China zieht derzeit die Aufmerksamkeit von (europäischer) Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft auf sich. Um sich diesem großen - bevölkerungsreichsten - Land zu nähern, sind Kenntnisse über dessen Geschichte unabdingbar. Sabine Dabringhaus kompakte, deutschsprachige Einführung führt in die chinesische Geschichte vom Beginn der Yuan-Dynastie bis zu Maos Machtübernahme ein und erschließt damit die wichtigsten politischen, gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Entwicklungen von knapp 700 Jahren chinesischer Geschichte. Entsprechend der bewährten Dreiteilung im "Grundriss" eröffnet ihr Forschungsüberblick Neulingen wie erfahrenen Studierenden die wichtigsten Themen der Forschung wie etwa: den chinesische Staat, Fragen der Periodisierung und Interpretation, Chinas Außenbeziehungen und Gesellschaftsstruktur, Modernisierung, Reform und Revolution. Eine umfangreiche, thematisch gegliederte Bibliographie schließt auch die überarbeitete dritte Auflage ab.

The Diary Of A Manchu Soldier In Seventeenth Century China

The Diary of a Manchu Soldier in Seventeenth Century China PDF

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Author: Henry Luce Foundation Professor of East Asian Studies Nicola Di Cosmo
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113578955X
Size: 17.45 MB
Format: PDF
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 154
View: 6254

Providing original insights into Chinese military history, Nicola Di Cosmo gives an annotated translation of the only known military diary in pre-modern Chinese history, providing fresh and extensive information on the inner workings of the Ch'ing army. The personal experience of the author, a young Manchu officer fighting in inhospitable South-Western China, take us close to the 'face of the battle' in seventeenth-century China, and enriches our general knowledge of military history.

The Early Modern Travels Of Manchu

The Early Modern Travels of Manchu PDF

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Author: Marten Soderblom Saarela
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812296931
Size: 77.47 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
Languages : en
Pages : 288
View: 1709

A linguistic and historical study of the Manchu script in the early modern world Manchu was a language first written down as part of the Qing state-building project in Northeast Asia in the early seventeenth century. After the Qing invasion of China in 1644, and for the next two and a half centuries, Manchu was the language of state in one of the early modern world's great powers. Its prominence and novelty attracted the interest of not only Chinese literati but also foreign scholars. Yet scholars in Europe and Japan, and occasionally even within China itself, were compelled to study the language without access to a native speaker. Jesuit missionaries in Beijing sent Chinese books on Manchu to Europe, where scholars struggled to represent it in an alphabet compatible with Western pedagogy and printing technology. In southern China, meanwhile, an isolated phonologist with access to Jesuit books relied on expositions of the Roman alphabet to make sense of the Manchu script. When Chinese textbooks and dictionaries of Manchu eventually reached Japan, scholars there used their knowledge of Dutch to understand Manchu. In The Early Modern Travels of Manchu, Mårten Söderblom Saarela focuses on outsiders both within and beyond the Qing empire who had little interaction with Manchu speakers but took an interest in the strange, new language of a rising world power. He shows how—through observation, inference, and reference to received ideas on language and writing—intellectuals in southern China, Russia, France, Chosŏn Korea, and Tokugawa Japan deciphered the Manchu script and explores the uses to which it was put for recording sounds and arranging words.

Japan On The Silk Road

Japan on the Silk Road PDF

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Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004274316
Size: 16.81 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 390
View: 2130

Japan on the Silk Road provides the historical background indispensable for understanding today’s Japan perspectives and policies in the vast area of Eurasia. For the first time it brings a detailed account of the history of Japanese activities along the Eurasian landmass across the Middle East and Central Asia in modern history.

The Scaffolding Of Sovereignty

The Scaffolding of Sovereignty PDF

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Author: Zvi Ben-Dor Benite
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231171870
Size: 21.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 528
View: 6770

What is sovereignty? Often taken for granted or seen as the ideology of European states vying for supremacy and conquest, the concept of sovereignty remains underexamined both in the history of its practices and in its aesthetic and intellectual underpinnings. Using global intellectual history as a bridge between approaches, periods, and areas, The Scaffolding of Sovereignty deploys a comparative and theoretically rich conception of sovereignty to reconsider the different schemes on which it has been based or renewed, the public stages on which it is erected or destroyed, and the images and ideas on which it rests. The essays in The Scaffolding of Sovereignty reveal that sovereignty has always been supported, complemented, and enforced by a complex aesthetic and intellectual scaffolding. This collection takes a multidisciplinary approach to investigating the concept on a global scale, ranging from an account of a Manchu emperor building a mosque to a discussion of the continuing power of Lenin’s corpse, from an analysis of the death of kings in classical Greek tragedy to an exploration of the imagery of “the people” in the Age of Revolutions. Across seventeen chapters that closely study specific historical regimes and conflicts, the book’s contributors examine intersections of authority, power, theatricality, science and medicine, jurisdiction, rulership, human rights, scholarship, religious and popular ideas, and international legal thought that support or undermine different instances of sovereign power and its representations.

Managing Frontiers In Qing China

Managing Frontiers in Qing China PDF

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Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004335005
Size: 68.68 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 478
View: 2304

This volume offers a comprehensive overview of the Lifanyuan and Libu, revising and assessing the state of affairs in the under-researched field of these two institutions. The contributors explore the imperial policies towards and the shifting classifications of minority groups in the Qing Empire. This volume offers insight into how China's past has continued to inform its modern policies, as well as the geopolitical make-up of East Asia and beyond.

In The Shadow Of The Mongol Empire

In the Shadow of the Mongol Empire PDF

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Author: David M. Robinson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108482449
Size: 48.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 386
View: 7668

Memories of the Mongol Empire loomed large in fourteenth-century Eurasia. Robinson explores how Ming China exploited these memories for its own purposes.

The Journey Of Maps And Images On The Silk Road

The Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road PDF

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Author: Philippe Forêt
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9047424972
Size: 26.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 312
View: 382

Drawing on evidence from the many civilizations that shared the Silk Road, this book examines specific cases of the mobility of maps and images through the centuries.

On The Trail Of The Yellow Tiger

On the Trail of the Yellow Tiger PDF

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Author: Kenneth Swope
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 1496206266
Size: 75.95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Languages : en
Pages : 474
View: 2468

The Manchu Qing victory over the Chinese Ming Dynasty in the mid-seventeenth century was one of the most surprising and traumatic developments in China’s long history. In the last year of the Ming, the southwest region of China became the base of operations for the notorious leader Zhang Xianzhong (1605–47), a peasant rebel known as the Yellow Tiger. Zhang’s systematic reign of terror allegedly resulted in the deaths of at least one-sixth of the population of the entire Sichuan province in just two years. The rich surviving source record, however, indicates that much of the destruction took place well after Zhang’s death in 1647 and can be attributed to independent warlords, marauding bandits, the various Ming and Qing armies vying for control of the empire, and natural disasters. On the Trail of the Yellow Tiger is the first Western study to examine in detail the aftermath of the Qing conquest by focusing on the social and demographic effects of the Ming-Qing transition. By integrating the modern techniques of trauma and memory studies into the military and social history of the transition, Kenneth M. Swope adds a crucial piece to the broader puzzle of dynastic collapse and reconstruction. He also considers the Ming-Qing transition in light of contemporary conflicts around the globe, offering a comparative military history that engages with the universal connections between war and society.

Early Modern China And Northeast Asia

Early Modern China and Northeast Asia PDF

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Author: Evelyn S. Rawski
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107093082
Size: 20.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 349
View: 2980

Evelyn Rawski presents a revisionist history of early modern China in the context of northeast Asian geopolitics and global maritime trade.

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